About Lap-School

Lap-School is one of the main pieces of FT ecosystem

in order to be able to realize our mission and vision of future surgical education!


FTA wants to change radically the surgical education paradigm, making surgical training and simulation accessible to every resident and surgeon!

To realize that mission, we put a lot of effort in the courses we create and a lot of love in the simulation models we develop, having in mind that cost is a really important factor to achieve it!

Our star event is the First Touch Coure! It is where it all begins… our first step to residency, to our Training Pathway and to FT community!


We are really happy with Lap-School, as “user-friendly” e-learning platform.

We have national and international experts on our Staff and Faculty in every aspect of Surgery and Surgical education.

Welcome to FT family!

We hope you enjoy our courses and Lap-school!

Let us know what you think – your opinion is very important for us!

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